VOODOO X 1KG Ground Coffee Bag

PRE-GROUND COFFEE VERSION. Voodoo X is certified Australia's strongest coffee with the highest caffeine content available on the market. All the best flavour with a big caffeine high!

Ok Folks, so you've heard it all before; coffee companies claiming to have the strongest coffee beans in Australia. Well..... guess what? We gathered up samples of all the coffee beans in Australia that made this claim, along with our own Voodoo X beans, and took them to an independent authorised testing laboratory for analysis, and the results came back with Voodoo X from East Australia Coffee Company as the outright winner. In fact, Voodoo X is over 100% stronger than our nearest competitor! That's got to be a killer blow - You can't beat science when it comes to analysing and testing. RESULTS: Voodoo X 18,650 mg/kg - nearest competitor 8,870 mg/kg

Please remember, we don't add any chemicals, additives or extra synthesised caffeine to get this result, it is naturally derived from the beans themselves. When researching for this product we were after the best NATURAL caffeine hit on the planet. We have tried hundreds of coffees from across the globe and this is our final result. The by-product of this research (unused coffee beans) go straight to our compost heap to provide energy to our small plantation. Pretty cool really; coffee trees being fed coffee beans. So if you are a keen coffee drinker looking for a good caffeine high, then Voodoo X is the brew for you! 100% stronger than the nearest rival.

Products specifications
Coffee Bag Type Pre-ground Coffee for Plunger
Bag Size 1Kg
Caffeine Content 18,650 mg/kg
Grinds Available Medium Grind - Ideal for Pourover Cones, Vacuum Pots, and Siphon Brewers
Grinds Available Fine Grind - Ideal for espresso